Tuesday, December 27, 2011


By Cat Patrick

Sometimes we all wish we could forget things from our past.  That we could wake up and start completely fresh.  Wouldn't it be easier?  For London Lane it means waking up not remembering anything from the past.  Not what clothes she wore the day before, not what happened in school, not what happened when she was little.  All she has is the notebook she writes in every night, full of reminders about what happened each day.  But what has she been leaving out of the notebook? What happened in her past that triggered this reset? 

Forgotten is an interesting book about how a trauma can cause a person to reset themselves.  After London's brother was abducted from in front of her when she was a young girl, her mind closed itself off in order to protect her from the memory.  While she functions normally through each day, her memories of each day don't last longer than the day itself, though she is able to see memories from the future in their place.  The book is an interesting story about how keeping things from someone, even if you are trying to protect them, can have disastrous consequences. 

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 7-8th Grade

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