Friday, November 16, 2012

See You at Harry's

by Johanna Knowles

Fern loves her family, she really does. But sometimes she just feels invisible.  Between her older sister and brother and their antics, and her little 3 year old brother Charlie clamoring for attention, she just kind of gets lost in the mix.  But when an accident happens, an accident Fern is sure she caused, the family is ripped apart. You never know how much you can take until you are taken past your breaking point, and Fern doesn't know how her family will survive.

Knowles' book is a poignant reminder of how easily breakable life is. Fern's family life wasn't perfect before the tragedy, but they all loved each other and were a constant presence in each other's lives.  Now she has to deal with her own guilt about the accident, a sister and brother sorting through not only their grief but their own immense issues, and parents who have completely withdrawn from their children.  Fern is a great character who you really identify with as she tries to find a way to bring her family back together. A great read for a slightly older tween or teen.

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 7th-8th Grade

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