Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Far From Home

by Na'ima B Robert

Tariro and Katie have never met. They are separated by more than just the 25 year gap in their ages, but they are linked together by a dark secret. The book tells both of their story, with events years apart having reverberating impacts across both of their lives. Set in Zimbabwe, it is the story how two different families had their lives ripped apart by war. The story of the price that victors pay, and the reminder that colonialization didn't take place that long ago.

Far From Home is a well written book about the Rhodesian empire and the wars for independence that led to it becoming Zimbabwe.  The racism depicted in the book is very accurate, though difficult to read. The views held by the whites in the book were prevalent at the time, in a way it's similar to the Help.  The struggles faced by native Zimbabweans were horrific, especially seen in retrospect. Katie's evolution from a girl raised in a privileged background to a more compassionate and understanding person is well written and believable. It's a good read for those studying civil rights or with an interest in more gritty historical fiction.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Age Level: 10th Grade

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