Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bot Wars

By J V Kade

Trout St. Croix didn’t want any trouble. When he recorded the video and posted it online he was just trying to find out what happened to his dad. His dad who went missing two years ago when he went off to fight the Bot Wars. Now there’s an uneasy peace, and robots have been relegated to their own territory. But this video has sparked more than just a search for his father. It’s become the thing that will start a movement, a movement to show that the government has been lying about robots and the people that support them.

I picked up this book with low expectations, thinking it would be kind of a low budget transformers type novel.  However, Kade has created an Asimov like universe where robots are more like humans and the interactions between the two are as natural as can be, though currently that peace only exists in part of the world. The big brothery nature of the rest of the world, where robots are banned and seen as terrorists, is also believable. Trout is a great character that will appeal to both boys and girls alike.  Overall a good read not just for those who like sci-fi, but those who like adventure novels with a relatable hero.

Genre: Science Fiction
Age Level: 7th Grade

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