Monday, August 19, 2013

Just Ella

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Just Ella is not your average fairy tale story. Picked by Prince Charming out of hundreds of other girls to be his wife, Ella is now living in the palace learning to become a princess. But as the wedding approaches, Ella is finding herself struggling to adapt to palace life. Charming only likes her because she's beautiful. Her instructors want her to remain inside doing nothing but needlepoint. She thought becoming a princess would mean freedom, but instead she's just found herself in another cage. Will she ever be able to lead her own life?

Haddix's novel is a great book about what happens beyond the fairy tale. In this book Charming is completely spoiled and self absorbed. Ella is treated like a china doll. The fairy godmother thing is revealed to be a hoax, it was just a random set of circumstances that got her to the ball.  A good read for young girls who like romance, but who might need a little reminder that there is life after the fairy tale ending.

Genre: Fairy Tale
Age Level: 5th Grade

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