Monday, October 28, 2013

Not a Drop to Drink

by Mindy McGinnis

Lynn knows she has to defend the pond at all costs. Water has become a scarce resource, and without it her mother and her will not survive. But what's the cost of that survival? Killing everyone who comes near? Never interacting with others? When tragedy strikes, events will force Lynn to reevaluate what she knows, and force her to adapt in order to survive.

While similar to many dystoptians, this story of survival does stand out. Lynn is a strong character who has to change her way of interacting with the world in order to survive. While she does this a little too easily, it still comes off as genuine. The idea of water becoming extremely limited is interesting because it's a resource that many take for granted, so if it was suddenly gone it would be absolutely devastating.  It's a more rugged take on the dystopian, more focused on survival rather than taking down the society that remains. A good read for teens who like dystopians and end of the world survival stories.

Genre: Dystopian
Age Level: 8th Grade

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