Saturday, February 8, 2014

Six Months Later

by Natalie Richards

Imagine waking up to discover you've missed the last 6 months of your life. You haven't been in a coma, but you can't remember anything from the last 6 months. But now you're suddenly a star student, one of the popular kids, you're dating the most popular guy in school and you've got your choice of colleges just waiting for you. You might be happy about the great turnaround in your life, but wouldn't you wonder about the cost?  Chloe will stop at nothing to figure out why she can't remember the last 6 months, because if she doesn't she just might end up dead.

Six Months Later is a great read for anyone who likes mysteries. While slightly far fetched, Richards' book is fast paced and hard to put down. Chloe is a likable character who's desire for the truth is pretty realistic. She doesn't want her fancy new life if it comes at a terrible price.  The intrigue, danger and suspense make this a solid read for anyone who likes these types of novels.

Genre: Mystery
Age Level: 10th Grade

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