Tuesday, May 13, 2014


by Chris Wooding

It was just supposed to be another weekend at Mortingham Academy. Most of the students at the boarding school had gone home for the weekend, the rest were ready to just relax. When a small silver beetle bites one of the students, an infectious disease is released that will leave nothing but destruction in it's path. Now it's up to the few that are left to try and escape, but survival is not as easy as they hope.

Silver seems pretty thrown together as a novel. Told in third person from various characters perspectives, it's had to keep track of who is who. The disease transforms rapidly, taking over the bodies of it's hosts and absorbing others to become larger. The story progresses pretty rapidly, but it doesn't seem to really have any sense of where it's going. The story kind of just ends as well, with no resolution or cliffhanger that makes you really want to read a sequel if one comes out. Good for teens who like a quick action packed read, but definitely not one that is worthy of any real study.

Genre: Science Fiction
Age Level: 7th Grade

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