Saturday, December 20, 2014

Don't Look Back

by Jennifer Armentrout

If Sam could remember that night, or anything from her life before that night, maybe she could help them find Cassie. If the person she is discovering she was, the mean girl who was both loved and hated alongside Queen Bee Cassie, was anything like the person she thinks she should have been maybe things would make sense. But nothing is adding up. As Sam tries to remember what happened, threatening notes begin to appear warning her off the case. But nothing is adding up, and Sam is left to wonder, can she not remember because she killed Cassie herself?

A thriller which will keep you guessing until the very end, Don't Look Back is a fantastic read for anyone who likes suspense fiction. Sam is a very realistic character, and you struggle along with her wishing she could just remember what happened. The book builds to a big reveal, with a little romance on the side (though her love interest just might end up being the killer himself...).

Genre: Mystery
Age Level: 8th Grade

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