Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Secrets We Keep

by Trisha Leaver

When Ella wakes up in the hospital, she can barely remember what happened. When everyone starts calling her Maddy, her twin sister's name, she remembers everything and more. Rather than face her own guilt about the accident, Ella decides to just become Maddy-who was always the better, prettier, more popular twin anyway. As the months pass, Ella has to decide whether or not it's better to come clean about being Maddy, or whether she should give up her own dreams to live her sisters forever.

A good quick read, it's one of several of the same theme that have come out lately. This one is slightly believable, but also not on a lot of levels. Ella ultimately comes clean with few real reprecussions, which is also a little unbelievable. Overall its good for anyone who likes realistic fiction that's not too deep.

Age Level: 8th Grade
Genre: Realistic

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