Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Code of Honor

by Alan Gratz

When Kamran's brother is accused of being a terrorist, he doesn't believe them. Even when videos come out showing his brother leading attacks on American bases and embassies, Kamran knows it can't be true. When he realizes that his brother is sending him secret messages in the videos, proving he's innocent and working undercover against the terrorists, it's up to Kamran to try and clear his name. Even if it means going against the government in order to save America.

A great premise, but it does absolutely require a complete stretch of the imagination that any of this could even slightly occur. I do like the idea of the 2 brothers having a code that enables them to figure out the other's plans-though who can remember childhood games in such detail! It's a great action read that packs a lot of twists and turns in it. Great for those who like Andrew Smith or Trent Reedy. There is a bit of violence in there-terrorist killing and talk about a beheading, but little language.

Age Level: 8th Grade
Genre: Realistic Fiction

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