Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Author: Suzanne Collins
Publisher: New York : Scholastic Press, 2010.

Plot Description:
            Book 3 begins with Katniss waking up in District 13, a place which until now everyone thought was completely abandoned.  Instead it has become ground zero for the rebellion against the Capital.  And they want Katniss to become the official face of the rebellion for all the districts.  As Katniss struggles with the horrors of what happened in the arena with the power she possibly yields as the Mockingjay and her worry about Peeta who was left behind in the arena, she realizes that evil exists in many forms, even in those who are trying to eliminate evil in one form.

            The concluding book in the Hunger Games trilogy exceeds any of the readers expectations.  Powerful and moving, Collins has created a character in Katniss who is realistic and impressive.  Her hesitation in becoming the face of the rebellion demonstrates remarkable intelligence.  Her willingness to examine the reasons behind taking the paths she takes as well as the fact that she does mentally struggle with everything that happen is a very realistic look at how someone copes with the horrors of war.  Absolutely fantastic.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Reading level: 9th grade

Similar Books: Hatchet, Tomorrow, when the war began

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- Awesome
Subjects/themes- Fiction, Rebellions, Adventure, Survival, War
Series information- Book 3 of 3
Character names/descriptions-
Katniss- survivalist who volunteers herself in the Hunger Games to save her sister
            Gale- Katniss’s friend from District 12 who helps her hunt for food
            Peeta- Katniss’s male counterpart in the Hunger Games, who also loves her
President Snow- The man in charge of all of the districts, who will stop at nothing to keep them all in line
President Coin- Leader of District 13 who wants Katniss to be the face of the rebellion
Haymitch- Katniss’s trainer from the arena, often her best source of advice

Annotation: What if you were forced back into the arena you had barely survived the first time, what if you found yourself fighting not only for your life, but also for those of everyone you cared about?

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