Monday, March 7, 2011

Coraline (movie)

Movie Distributed by Universal
Publisher:  Universal City, CA. : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, c2009.

Plot Description:
            Coraline is a young girl who stumbles upon a parallel universe in the new house her parents have moved into.  Here her other mother and father lavish her with the attention that her real parents never give here. There movie follows the theme of the book with fantastical Tim Burton cinematography.
            The movie bears some stricking differences from the book, most notably that it is set in the US instead of in England like in the book. Coraline has a friend in the movie, Wybie, who helps her navigate the parallel world and defeat other mother.  The general plot remains the same, though little changes are made to different objects to make them more relatable to an American audience.  Overall the movie is a pretty typical Tim Burton film.  It’s a bit more scary than the book itself, suited to a little more mature of an audience than the book itself might lend itself to.

Genre: Horror

Viewing age: 4th-5th Grade

Similar Movies: Alice in Wonderland

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- good horror story that is not too gruesome or violent
Subjects/themes- Fiction, Horror, Parallel Worlds, Rats, Cats, Family
Character names/descriptions-
            Coraline- young girl who finds a parallel world on the other side of a door
Other Mother- Coraline’s mother in the parallel universe, turns out to be evil, has buttons for eyes
            Misses Spink and Forcible- former actresses who give Coraline a rock for
            Mr. Bobo- upstairs neighbor who has a mouse circus
            Wybie- her friend who helps her navigate both worlds
Annotation: Sometimes opening a door can be the wrong move to make.

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