Friday, May 6, 2011

Nicholas in Trouble

Nicholas in Trouble
Author: by René Goscinny & Jean-Jacques Sempé
Publisher: New York : Phaidon Press, c2008.

Plot Description:
            Nicholas and his friends don’t try to get in trouble, it’s just that trouble seems to follow them.  They try to follow the rules at school and at home, but sometimes those rules really don’t make sense.  From selling raffle tickets to going to the grocery store to learning about road safety, there always seems to be something. 

            Nicholas in Trouble is an absolutely fantastic book about a French schoolboy and his friends.  Written with great wit and humor, the book is sure to appeal to tweens.  Because of the cheeky way the story is written, I would even recommend it to older tweens for whom the book might otherwise be a bit easy to read.  The book is broken into a bunch of short stories, each detailing a time when Nicholas and his friends do something they think is right only to find out it’s not, like when they learn about road safety, safely cross the road to the delight of their teacher, and then run right back across to her to give her a hug without looking both ways.  It’s a delightful read. 

Genre: Humorous Fiction

Reading level: 4th Grade

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Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- super amusing, very very French
Subjects/themes- Trouble, Humor, Friends, School
Series information- Fifth in the Nicholas novels
Character names/descriptions-
            Nicholas- the young French schoolboy with a penchant for trouble
Annotation:  If getting in trouble wasn’t so much fun, Nicholas might not do it so much...

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