Friday, May 6, 2011


Author: Gordon Korman
Publisher: New York : Scholastic Press, 2009.

Plot Description:
            When Savannah’s pet mokey Cleo disappears, she and her friends Griffin and Ben look everywhere for him.  What they don’t expect is to find her in the floating zoo their teacher takes them to on a field trip.  But this zoo isn’t a nice zoo, it’s the dirtiest, most disgusting place that Savannah has ever seen.  And when the zookeeper refuses to admit that Cleo is Savannah’s, it’s up to Griffin, the ‘man with the plan,’ to come up with a way to get Cleo back before the zoo takes off for it’s next port.  In a fun filled adventure Griffin enlists the help of his classmates for Operation Zoobreak. 

            Zoobreak is a fun story about kids taking matters into their own hands when parents can’t solve a problem.  With excellently written characters, Korman creates a story which will appeal to all tweens because they will surely find someone to identify with.  The book focuses on a love of animals, but the plot has a few fun twists and any would be lawbreaker will enjoy the misadventures of Griffin and his gang. 

Genre: Animal Fiction

Reading level: 5th Grade

Similar Books: Artemis Fowl

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- Fun characters and excellent plot turns
Subjects/themes- Animals, Adventure, Zoos, Theft
Series information- Second book involving Griffin and his gang
Character names/descriptions-
            Savannah- loves all animals, Cleo is her monkey
            Griffin- the man with the plan
            Ben- has narcolepsy, but a ferret they free from the zoo fixes all that
            Mr Natase- the mean owner of “All About Animals’
Annotation: When all else fails, the man with the plan will come through!

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