Thursday, February 23, 2012


by Marie Lu

June has been a child prodigy since day one.  She is the only person in the Republic to ever score a perfect 1500 on the nation's aptitude tests, setting her up to become one of the eventual military leaders.  But as she finished her training her brother is killed, and she is appointed to lead a squad in tracking down his killer.  A killer who also happens to be the Republic's number one most wanted.  Day is well known for his acts of terrorism, for destroying Republic equipment and disrupting supply lines to the front of the war with the Colonies.  But what June is about to find out is that Day is no ordinary terrorist, he is just a boy who wants to help his family in a system that has abandoned him.  A boy who has discovered that the country that is supposedly there to protect them, is actually the one killing them.  Now June must decide who to believe: the people she has trusted all her life, or the evidence given to her by a boy she barely knows.

Legend is another dystopian novel about the destruction of the world we know and the rigid militaristic societies which have taken it's place.  What sets the novel apart from others of it's ilk is the character's themselves.  Day is one of the poor, destined since birth to never amount to more than his parents, and kept there until he escapes and decides to live on his own terms.  June is affluent, born to a life of privilege, but one which has been filled with personal tragedy.  In the novel, it is June who has to realize that everything she has been taught has been a lie, that the world she lives in is not as black and white as she has been told.  The book itself is fast paced and well written, drawing you in and leaving you wondering what happens next.  Great for tweens who like other dystopian novels.

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 8-9th Grade

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