Tuesday, February 14, 2012


by Anna Godberson

In the year 1899, the rules determining the behavior and conduct of New York's high society are strict and final.  They have the power to make or break a young socialites standing. In a world where old money rules and new money has to make it's standing known, Luxe follows the lives of several of New York's finest bachelors and debutantes as they learn to decide which rules are worth following, and which are worth breaking.

Luxe is a historical fiction version of many popular tween books, like Pretty Little Liars.  It is filled with intrigue, secret affairs, loves torn apart, and even a murder.  The book is well written, drawing the reader in and painting extremely intriguing characters.  It stays fairly true to realism in it's depictions of life at the dawn of the last century.  The book is a great read for older tweens due to some of the more mature content about the characters love lives.

Genre: Historical Fiction
Age Level: 9th-10th grade
Series: Book 1 of 4 (Luxe, Envy, Rumors, Splendor)

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