Monday, February 11, 2013

Falling For You

By Lisa Schroeder

Rae knows life’s not fair. If it was maybe her dad would have stuck around. If it was maybe her mom wouldn’t have married Dean. If it was maybe he wouldn’t have gambled everything away and started to take the money she makes from her job.  When she meets the new guy at school, Nathan, she meets someone who treats her well. Who cares about her.  But when Nathan turns controlling, she breaks it off rather than feel suffocated by him. But you never know what might cause someone to snap. What might cause them to come after you instead of acting normally. All Rae wanted was a normal relationship, what she ends up with might just end her life.

This book grabbed me right from the start. Rae is a smart character whose home life just makes you want to find a way to help her out of it. She is independent and works hard, only to find everything she works for continually taken away from her.  The way she deals with Nathan is extremely mature, and you can feel her empathy for everyone she meets. The book keeps you guessing til the end (the book is starts with her in the hospital but you don't know why). A great read for teens. It portrays abusive relationships in a nonjudgemental light in terms of the victims. Very moving.

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 9th grade

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