Monday, March 11, 2013


by Jen Calonita

Isabelle had never had a lot of family, but after her mother died in a car crash, and her grandmother's dementia got too bad for her to live with her, she finds herself living with distant relatives she's never met. Relatives who also happen to be a state senator and incrediblly wealthy. Isabelle now finds herself living a lifestyle she's never dreamed of, attending a fancy prep school. But as she's finding out, all that glitter's isn't gold. Living a life of luxury can contain ugliness and secrets too.

Slightly predictable at times, Belles is overall a great reat. Isabelle has to contend with mean girls at her new school, a new home life complete with 3 cousins and an aunt and uncle, and suddenly can afford to buy whatever she wants. The book ends on a slight twist, making you reach for the sequel immediately. A good read for girls who like realistic fiction, or books with happy endings.

Genre: Fiction
Age Level: 8th grade

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