Saturday, March 23, 2013


by Kate Brian

Rory was the first girl who escaped serial killer Steven Nell. Now, hidden by the FBI with her family as they try and track him down, she has to pretend that everything is ok. That she's not terrified every time she steps outside. That she's not plagued with visions of what could happened. But their new community might not be as safe as they had hoped. When Rory starts to hear Nell saying her name in crowded rooms, and finding his things outside their new house, she realizes that maybe no where at all is safe enough to protect her.

The first of a planned trilogy, Shadowlands is excellently written. The engaging plot grabs the reader from the get go. Rory and her family have already dealt with heartbreak (her mother died of cancer a few years before) and this new incident seems to highlight everything that is wrong with her family now.  Rory and Darcy are great characters, very realistically portrayed sisters who get along but also don't. I saw the the twist at the end coming, but it was a little different than I expected. Overall a great read for teens that like suspense stories.

Genre: Suspense
Age Level: 10th Grade

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