Monday, April 21, 2014

Rule of Three

by Eric Walters

When the power goes off in school, Adam is just happy it means early dismissal. But when no ones car starts and cell phones stop working, he realizes that things might be a bit more serious than he thought. In a world run by computers, what do we do when they all stop working? Adam and his family are about to find out in this gripping dystopian novel about what happens when the things we depend on suddenly are gone.

While there are some issues with the book, mainly that the female characters are relegated to the sidelines, this book should have broad appeal to teens of both genders. Though only 16, Dan becomes central to his neighborhoods survival. He is a likable character whose moral quandary's are very relatable. The destruction of all computers is an interesting concept, especially since so much of our everyday essentials (water, plumbing, electricity) have computer components which make it work. If all of that was to shut down society would be paralyzed. It's a good, fast paced read for those who like dystopian or adventure novels.

Genre: Dystopian
Age Level: 8th Grade

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