Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When Audrey met Alice

by Rebecca Behrens

It's not all bad being the President's daughter, there's a kitchen with everything you could want, you get movies before they come out in theaters, books sent to you before they're published. But you've also always got to act perfect, support your mom, and do great in school. And having friends over? Don't even think about it without them passing security protocols. Audrey just wants a little more excitement. in her life. When she discovers Alice Roosevelt's diary hidden in her room, she gets more than a few ideas from Alice for how to make her White House experience a little more fun.

When Audrey Met Alice is a fun read sure to appeal to younger teen girls. Audrey is a great heroine, relateable even as the President's daughter- because how many 13 year old girls haven't felt trapped by their age and parents expectations. Alice Roosevelt is a great figure for girls to learn about, and the book should inspire many readers to learn more about her.

Genre: Fiction
Age Level: 7th Grade

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