Tuesday, August 12, 2014


by Amanda Maciel

No one likes a bully. We're all taught that bullying is wrong, and that you should say something if you see it. You're supposed to stand up to bullies. But what if you are the bully? Where is the line between teasing and bullying? When is your "harmless prank" no longer harmless? When Emma Putnam kills herself, everyone immediately blames Sara and her friends relentless bullying of Emma. But Sara doesn't see it as bullying, it was just standard frenemy behavior. But with a trial on the horizon, Sara is going to have to do some soul searching to find out just where she went wrong.

There are a slew of anti-bullying books out there, but Tease stands out. Sara is a character you want to hate but at the same time can understand how she let things get so out of control. Told in flashbacks, the reader learns what happened leading up to Emma's death and sees Sara evolve in the aftermath. It's a good book told from the bully's perspective, and the ending does manage to pack a surprise as (spoiler alert) Sara finally realizes how wrong she was. Best for older teens due to many references to drinking and sex.

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 10th Grade

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