Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Truth about Alice

by Jennifer Mathieu

It started as a flippant remark. Then got passed around by text message. Then got written in the bathroom stalls. It was just a rumor, but immediately everyone assumed it was true. You see Alice was asking for it. She was a slut, everyone knew it. She dressed up for school, wore lipstick, flirted with everyone. So when the rumor that she slept with 2 boys in one night starts everyone believes it. And when one of those boys dies in a car crash, and another says it's because she was sending him dirty text messages while he was driving, Alice is blamed. But no one knows the truth, and no one seems to care that they don't.

Told in 4 perspectives, but only at Alice's in the very end, this is about the aftermath of a rumor. Each character has a different perspective on what happens both before and following the start of the rumor. Each character has the ability to clear Alice's name, and we learn the reasons each one uses that information. A haunting book about the power of a rumor, its a good read for slightly older teens due to the many references to sex and drinking.

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 10th Grade

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