Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl
Author: Erin Colfer     
Publisher: New York : Hyperion Books For Children, c2001.

Plot Description:
            Artemis Fowl is determined to get his family fortune back.  He might only be 12, but he is a genius.  A genius who knows about the fairy world and has a plan to capture their gold to restore his family. The magic world of fairies, trolls, dwarfs, and goblins might not know about Artemis, but he is more than ready for them. 

            I began reading Artemis Fowl with little knowledge about the book, though I thought the plot of a 12 year old mastermind to be a bit silly.  What I found was a book that is both well written and engaging, full of action and adventure that often makes you forget the age of the protagonist.  It creates an entire fantasy world beneath the earth, and does so in a way that leaves you thinking that it just could happen.  The book is definitely appealing to tweens of both genders who are interested in fantasy fiction, especially when they like when things blow up!

Genre:  Fantasy Fiction

Reading Level: 4-5th Grade

Similar Titles: Inkheart

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal Thoughts: Very fun
Subjects/Themes: Fantasy, Fairies, Adventure, Action
Awards: 2004 Young Reader’s Choice Award
Character Names:
            Artemis Fowl; 12 year old genius out to restore the family fortune after his father
            Butler: Artemis’s bodyguard who’s family has served the Fowl’s for generations
            Captain Holly Short: the fairy Artemis captures for ransom
            Commander Julius Root: Holly’s superior officer who goes to save her
            Foaly: LEP’s gadget centaur
Annotation: It might be dangerous, but getting fairy gold is always worth it.

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