Monday, March 7, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Author: Jeff Kinney
Publisher: New York : Amulet Books, c2007.

Plot Description:
            Greg Heffley is just your average kid. He decided to keep a journal (a journal, NOT a diary, despite what is written on the books cover…) to write down the happenings of his life so that one day, when he’s rich and famous, he can sell it and make even more money.  Here he writes down everything about the nitwits he goes to school with, everything his embarrassing family does, and the antics that he and his best friend Rowley get into.  But when he and Rowley get into a fight, Greg realizes that something is going to have to change if they are going to stay friends.
            Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a well written book about the trials and tribulations of middle school.  Greg is a character kids can relate to, shorter than most everyone and kind of nerdy.  He wants to fit in and be popular but can’t quite figure out how.  But none of that stops him from trying new things and making the best of things.  The book itself is written with cartoons interspersed throughout, giving the novel a different feel than either a graphic or regular novel.  A great book about growing up.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Reading level: 5th-6th Grade

Similar Books: Maniac Magee

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- Funny
Subjects/themes- Middle School, Friendship, Diaries
Character names/descriptions-
Greg- wimpy looking middle schooler who starts a journal
Rowley- Greg’s best friend, they play a lot of video games together
Rodrick- Greg’s kind of jerky older brother

Annotation: Being a wimpy kid isn’t all bad.

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