Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brother/Sister: just give them a chance to explain

by Sean Olin

They didn't mean to do it.  Any of it. It all just sort of happened.  Will and Asheley have had a hard life. Not hard like they've never had a home, or enough food, or trauma.  But their father left them when they were little.  Their mother is an alcoholic who got violent with them on occasion.  It's not an excuse you see, but an explaination. It all became too much, got out of hand.  Will didn't mean to murder those people, classmates and their sort-of stepfather, but they were all trying to hurt Asheley, and he couldn't let that happen.  What kind of brother would he be if he did?  Asheley was just trying to protect her brother by not telling anyone what he did.  At least that's what they say....

Brother/Sister alternates between Will and Asheley's point of view.  They explain the events of that summer pretty matter of factly, trying to explain why Will murdered 3 people tyring to defend his sister and why Asheley was completely innocent.  All along the book we are led to believe Will is the crazy one, the one at fault, but it's not until the very last paragraph that everything the book tells us is called into question.  It is a book that leaves the reader in suspense, wondering how much of the story they told us was real and how much was made up.  The ending is definitely what made the book.

Genre: Realisic Fiction
Age Level: 8th-9th Grade

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