Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Know Where to Find Me

by Rachel Cohn

Miles and her cousin Laura didn't have much in common anymore.  Most of the time they spent together was when they would get high on pills.  But when Laura purposely overdoses, Miles is forced to confront her own choices.   She must decide whether or not to fight for her own life, or spiral into nothingness like her cousin. 

You Know Where to Find Me is a dark novel about the repercussions of a suicide.  Interestingly, the book focuses on recreational use of prescription drugs instead of the more typical 'trouble' drugs or alcohol.  Miles is not a character that one is easily sympathetic too, she is closed off from most people in her life and the reader can assume that it is mostly by choice.  The book focuses mainly on the pleasure that she feels being high, and it's hard to believe that no one ever figured out she was using.  Overall it's a decent read but there are better books that discuss this topic out there. 

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 9th-10th Grade

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