Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Kiss in Time

by Alex Flinn

We've all heard the story about Sleeping Beauty, right?  But maybe we haven't heard the real story.  Maybe it is less of a fairy tale and more the real thing.  Maybe the entire kingdom is still sleeping, waiting for the princess to get true love's kiss.  At first Jack though he had stumbled upon some sort of weird theme park, one where everyone is sleeping, but when he can't resist kissing one girl, he comes to find out that maybe fairy tale's are more real than we think.

A Kiss in Time is a fluffy, fun fairy tale.  The book takes a lot of leaps which are hard to identify with-beyond the typical fantasy stuff, like the fact that Jack knows where to get a fake passport and that the Princess has no problems adjusting to 21st century life.  But overall the theme of the book is love, and it adequately addresses it.  Definitely a great read for girls who liked Ella Enchanted or similar.

Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Age Level: 7th-8th Grade

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