Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Way We Fall

by Megan Crewe

It starts with an itch, a cough here and there, no worse than a cold.  Then you start to feel better, you want to socialize with your friends and family, see as many people as you can.  And then you get worse, much worse, with a fever and hallucinations.  And then you die.  No one knew what the virus was, but as it sweeps through Kaelyn's small island town, she and everyone else is forced to try and survive as the world around them abandons them to their fate. 

Having just seen the movie Contagion, this book really resonated with me.  Kaelyn and her family and friends are simply trying to survive.  Others in the community use the virus as an opportunity to take control and seize supplies.  Others still are trying to find a way off the island.  The book is a cautionary tale about the lengths people go to try to save themselves, and the fear that unknown illness inspires in people around it.  The book is written in diary format, which adds to the novel as we learn about the disease and its discovery and the losses through her point of view. 

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 8-9th Grade

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