Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Eternal Ones: What if Love Refused to Die?

by Kristin Miller

Haven has had dreams about Ethan for as long as she can remember.  Dreams so vivid they almost feel true. When she sees mega rich playboy Iain Morrow on TV she realizes that the dreams may not be true, but Ethan certainly is, and his name is now Iain.  As Haven sets off to find him so that she can unravel the dreams that have plagued her for her entire life, she will find not only her life is on the line, but that her soul is the ultimate prize. 

When I first picked up The Eternal Ones I was expecting a silly book about soul mates.  Instead Miller has written an engaging book that connects with the desire to find someone who will love us for all eternity, and find us no matter what the obstacles.  The book itself keeps us guessing about who the real Ethan is, and cleverly brings up the past lives of the characters to enliven the search.  One of the interesting parts of the book is how she explained that some innate skills are a result of our past lives.  For example
Overall, the book will keep older tweens engaged (though admittedly the beginning of the book is a bit slow).

Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Age Level: 9th Grade
Series Information: The Eternal Ones: What if Love Refused to Die?, All You Desire

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