Wednesday, June 27, 2012


by Marcus Sedgwick

When Sig finds his father dead on the ice, he thinks that things can't possibly get worse.  They, along with his sister and stepmother, have lived a hard life in the Artic Circle, though they have always been lucky his father has been able to find work as a surveyor wherever they have been.  But he is about to find out that even the dead keep deadly secrets.

Revolver is told though Sig's perspective as he struggles not only to deal with the death of his father but with the accusations of a man who has hunted them, unknown to Sig and his sister, since the death of their mother 10 years ago.  It weaves a realistic tale of the harsh Artic life that many life with a story of survival.  It is well written, though the end is a little preachy when Sig decides not to shoot the man himself.  A good read for boys especially. 

Genre: Historical Fiction
Age Level: 7-8th Grade

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