Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Certain Slant of Light

by Laura Whitcomb

Helen has long gotten used to being unnoticed by those around her.  As Light, Helen has chosen several hosts who have sustained her, kept her tethered to the earth for the last 130 years.  Yet one day, in the classroom of her current host Mr. Brown, Helen feels someone looking at her.  James can see her, can hear her, and might be able to help her soul finally rest. 

This book was much less supernatural than I anticipated.  The story was not one of hauntings but one of finding peace.   Helen is able to transition to human form (yes it sounds a bit silly but the way it was written is interesting).  In this form she starts to remember her old life and the reason she is stuck haunting this world.  It is a very well written tale that will appeal even to those who don't like supernatural tales (like me!).  A good summer read for older tweens especially (there are drugs, sex and suicide discussed).

Genre: Fiction
Age Level: 9th Grade

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