Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Season

by Sarah MacLean

Lady Alexandra Stafford could care less about the fact that she is a debutante this year.  But unless she gets herself ruined, a possibility that although tempting would probably result in her mother murdering her, she will find herself paraded throughout the marriage mart that is the London Season.  As the Season progresses, she finds herself entangled in the investigation into her old friend Gavin's father's death, which is much more exciting than balls or tea parties.  As danger looms over them Gavin and Alexandra might find more than they bargained for in each other. Will they live happily ever after? Or die at the hands of a traitor.

The Season is a fantastic regency romance written for teens.  It has all the elements of the more adult romance novels written, but without the more racy bits, making it suitable for teens or older tweens.  I really enjoyed the book personally and with there was a sequel!

Genre: Historical Fiction
Age Level: 8-9th Grade

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