Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Girl in Blue

by Ann Rinaldi

When the call goes out for men to enlist in the Union Army, Sarah sees her chance to escape the life she's been trapped in, and her impending marriage to her terrible neighbor. Disguised as a boy, she joins the army and becomes a Union soldier.  After fighting in the battlefields of Virginia she's discovered to be a girl. Offered a chance to become a spy instead of being court martialed for lying to the government, she leaps at the chance to keep serving her country.  But being a spy is much harder than being a soldier, being a spy means betraying those whose trust you are out to gain.  Being a spy might even being betraying herself.

As usual, Rinaldi does a fantastic job of creating a historical novel that draws the reader in and makes them truly invested in the characters.  Sarah is a likable character, with flaws and dreams.  The people she meets along her journey each shape a part of the next stage in her life. it's a great book for girls who like adventure or historical fiction.

Age Level: 7th Grade
Genre: Historical Fiction

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