Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Pirate Captain's Daughter

by Eve Bunting

Catherine has always known her father was a pirate, even though he tried to keep the truth from her mother and her. When her mother dies, rather than be cast off to live with her aunt in America, Catherine convinces her father to take her to sea with him.  Disguising herself as a boy, she joins his crew as a musician.  But she's soon to discover that the life of a pirate isn't anything like the songs make it out to be.  Life as a pirate means she might not live to make it to the next port.

Catherine is a strong character with ideas of her own and a desire to make her own way in life, regardless of the standards of the time.  Bunting's book combines action and adventure with a little bit of romance.  The pirate crew is an unlikable bunch, and the things that happen aboard ship seem pretty true to life (fights and the like).  The book is great for girls that like adventure novels. 

Age Level: 6th Grade
Genre: Historical Fiction

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