Friday, December 7, 2012

There is No Dog

by Meg Roscoff

So typically when you think of God you think of an almighty being, who works for the good of everyone. Not some teenager who acts on impulse and falls in love. And when God falls in love, it wrecks havoc on the planet he created (like volcanoes erupting and floods havoc).  Luckily his assistant Mr. B is there to try and clean up the mess, but when God falls in love with a girl named Lucy he's not sure he wants to keep playing nursemaid to this kid. Leaving us to wonder....what's going to happen if Mr. B isn't there to clean up the mess this time?

There is no Dog is a funny book about the roles we have in life.  God, a far cry from his normally depicted being, is an impetuous teenager. His moods are the reason the world has so many natural disasters. It's an amusing read, portraying God and the other immortal beings more like the Greek Gods versus the Christian singular one.  A good read for those who are able to appreciate more tongue in cheek humor, rather than those who would take the book literally in any sense. 

Genre: Fiction
Age Level: 9th Grade

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