Friday, March 14, 2014

Landry Park

by Bethany Hagen

In a future United States where everything is powered by nuclear energy, Madeline Landry has lived a privileged life as one of the Gentry, the ruling upper class. As her father presses her to marry rather than go to college, she finds herself rebelling against things she's believed since childhood. A chance encounter with the oppressed lower classes called the Rootless leaves her questioning the reasons that society has been split into classes. She'll have to decide whether she can leave her life of luxury behind to fight for those who pay the price for it.

With so many dystopian novels out there it's easy for another to blend in. However Landry Park does an excellent job of bringing another dimension to the field. The society is a return to 19th century strict class rules. Madeline is a character who is believable in their struggle, it's easy to want moral justice for everyone but hard to leave a life where you want for nothing. It's a good read for fans of Downton Abbey or the Selection. There's little real violence in it, nor sex, though does feature a little drinking. It's overall a good book you can easily give to any teen.

Genre: Dystopian
Age Level: 8th Grade

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