Friday, March 14, 2014


by Lucy Christopher

Gemma was just mad at her parents. She wanted to make them wait a bit before she joined them at the boarding gate for the plane that they were catching. She had no clue that she was giving someone the opportunity they had been waiting for. The opportunity to take her. When she wakes up 2 days later in the middle of the Australian outback, she's going to find herself in the middle of a nightmare.

Stolen was an extremely creepy yet realistic read. One of the most disturbing things was how easy it would be to kidnap someone in an airport, because with a quick appearance change you can hop on the next plane with no one the wiser fairly simply. The only real flaw in the book is that Gemma develops a personal relationship with Ty, her kidnapper. While Stockholm syndrome is well documented, their relationship seems a little top easy, especially after she finds out he's been stalking her since she was a child. Overall, it's a good book for teens who like suspense.

Genre: Suspense
Age Level: 10th Grade

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