Friday, March 14, 2014

Something Real

by Heather Demetrios

Chloe Baker has finally managed to fit in. No one knows her as one of the infamous Bakers Dozen, a reality show that followed her family since she was born. Instead she's a normal teenager, with friends and a crush! Then she finds her nice normal world crashing down around her as Bakers Dozen prepares to return to TV. With cameras following her and her family 24/7, it's impossible to go back to her nice normal life. And now America is sitting in the front seat watching everything about her family implode.

This book is an amazingly written cautionary tale about the price of fame, particularly for those who don't choose it. With so many reality shows that feature parents and their children, the book really strikes a cord (and makes it even harder to condone watching shows with children who didn't sign up for the life). Chloe is a relateable character that teens will cheer for as she fights for her privacy. Definitely a good contemporary read for slightly older teens.

Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Level: 9th Grade

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