Friday, April 15, 2011


Movie Distributed by: Fox
Publisher: Beverly Hills, CA : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, c2006.

Plot Description:
Claire and Hailey only have a few more days left of summer, and a few more days until Hailey and her mom move halfway across the world to Australia. The girls desperately wish that Hailey's mom will change her mind and stay, but until then they want to enjoy every second they have. But then a storm hits their tiny beach town, a storm that washes up a lot more than just seaweed. Aquamarine is a beautiful mermaid who has swum away from home, and if the girls can help her make someone fall in love with her so that she doesn't have to go back to the ocean she will grant them one wish. Will they be able to help her and prevent Hailey from leaving?

A very cute feel good movie about best friends and life. The two girls are struggling with growing up and saying goodbye to a friend and childhood. The movie aptly capture the girls emotions and feelings, while providing a fun story about learning that real friendship lasts even if you aren't together. A great family movie, but predictably since it is about mermaids is much more appealing to tween girls than boys.

Genre: Fiction

Viewing age: 4-5th grade

Similar Movies: Another Cinderella Story, Nancy Drew

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- cute

Subjects/themes- mermaids, wishes, friends, fiction
Character names/descriptions-
Aquamarine- mermaid determined to prove love exists
Hailey- is about to move from Australia and away from all her friends
Claire- Hailey's best friend who wants her to stay
Raymond- cute lifeguard aol the girls like
Annotation: Sometimes storms can bring good luck.

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