Saturday, April 23, 2011

Furry Vengeance

Furry Vengeance
Distributed by Summit Entertainment
Publisher: Universal City, Calif. : Summit Entertainment, [2010]

Plot Description:
            When Dan relocated his family from Chicago to the Oregon forest, he thought it would be a quick year of work and then they could head back.  But that was before he encountered the local wildlife, who have a big problem with Dan’s boss’s plan to destroy their forest to build homes.  And these animals have a plan.  As they sabotage the building project, and terrorize Dan, everyone thinks he is going crazy. But as the project tries to move forward, eventually Dan realizes that perhaps the animals are fighting for the right side, and he’s the one on the wrong one.

            Furry Vengeance is a fun family movie about the consequences of ones actions and the importance of doing the right thing even it it’s hard.  Dan has to eventually decide whether his job or the forest is more important. The movie is a little young for older tweens, but the gag humor would definitely appeal to younger tweens.  Overall the movie is predictable, but would still entertain.

Genre: Fiction

Viewing Age: 3rd-4th Grade

Similar Movies: Marmaduke, Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- trite, not really entertaining for adults
Subjects/themes- Environmentalism, Family, Animals
Character names/descriptions-
            Dan- works for a company that wants to destroy the forest
            Tammy- Dan’s wife who ends up in charge of the Forest Festival
            Tyler- Dan’s son who stands up to him at the end
Annotation: The animals might be furry and cute, but it doesn’t mean they will let you destroy their home!

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