Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woods Runner

 Woods Runner
Author: Gary Paulson
Publisher: New York : Wendy Lamb Books, c2010.

Plot Description:
            Samuel is a child of the woods.  He might be only 13, but he is relied on as the main hunter of the entire village he lives in in the wilderness in Pennsylvania.  But war has come to the colonies, and sooner than his family thinks it comes straight to them.  When his parents are kidnapped by British soldiers, and everyone else in his village killed, Samuel faces a choice: flee into the wilderness that he belongs to, or search for his parents in cities that are full of threats.

            Woods Runner is an excellent story about the Revolutionary War.  It describes the horrors of war through the eyes of a boy who is a survivor, but also a boy who has no true idea what war means or why his country is suddenly embroiled in one.  Samuel is a smart kid who relies on his knowledge of the woods in order to survive and find his parents, but must learn to rely on strangers in order to find his objective.  The book is an excellent piece of historical fiction and provides a look at the war from a civilians point of view.  The book also provides a lot of historical facts to explain much of what happens in the book.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Reading level: 7th-9th Grade

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Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- Good book on how war touches everyone
Subjects/themes- War, Kidnapping, Soldiers, Spies, Fiction
Character names/descriptions-
            Samuel- 13 year old who must find his parents
            Annie- a young girl whose parents are killed by the British and who Samuel
            Abner- lends Samuel and Annie help when they most need it
Annotation: Sometimes you need to hide, but sometimes you need to search.

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