Monday, April 25, 2011


Distributed by Dreamworks
Publisher: [United States] : DreamWorks Home Entertainment, [2011]

Plot Description:
            Megamind is the ultimate evil genius.  He has the perfect nemesis in the best of the good guys, Metro Man.  Until one day when he finally defeats Metro Man in a fantastic battle, and Metro City is finally his!  But after years of working towards that goal, he now yearns for the next one, but he has no idea what that might be.  Perhaps being the evil villain is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

            Megamind is a fun movie that is enjoyable for just about any age.  Younger tweens will appreciate the funny humor, while older tweens will appreciate Will Ferrell and David Cross’s banter.  The movie ultimately talks about how sometimes getting what you wish for isn’t necessarily what you are going to end up wanting. 

Genre: Superhero Fiction

Viewing age:  All

Similar Movies: Shrek

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- Fun, particularly liked when he mispronounced things
Subjects/themes- Superhero, Villain, Fantasy, Criminals
Character names/descriptions-
            Megamind- evil genius who wants to conquer Metro City
            Metro Man- has defeated Megamind’s evil plans since they were children
            Roxanne Ritchi- the reporter who Megamind falls for
            Titan- the superhero that Megamind creates for a challenge
            Minion- Megamind’s right hand fish
Annotation: Metro City only has room for one genius.

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