Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes
A Granada production for the BBC
Publisher: Port Washington, NY : Distributed by Koch Entertainment, [2008]

Plot Description:
            When her explorere uncle adopts three girls, Pauline, Petrova, and Posy, Syliva and her Nana struggle to bring them up and educate them with little funds.  But these three girls are more talented than anyone could hope, and after they all are accepted at the Academy of Dance and Stage Training, they find that their dreams may one day be within reach.  But as they struggle with their ambitions and disappointments, they each learn that with enough perseverance they can become more than they ever dreamed of.

            A cute tale of three sisters coming into their own.  Each girl has her own talent which she struggles to separate from the others.  The movie is well acted with actresses that will be well liked by a tween audience, including Emma Watson.  The movie highlights the importance of supporting your family and their dreams and hope in the face of adversity.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Viewing level: 4th-5th Grade

Similar Movies: The Company, Harry Potter

Reader’s Advisory:
Personal thoughts- cute for a younger audience
Subjects/themes- Ballet, Sisters, Acting, Family
Character names/descriptions-
            Pauline- becomes an actress
            Petrova- wants to fly planes
            Posy- wants to become a classical ballerina
Annotation: If the only possessions your mother left you were a pair of ballet shoes, are you destined to become a ballerina?

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